New poetry chapbook! American Campesino (15 poems for a pandemic)

Just published by Editorial Xingao! American Campesino 15 poems for a pandemic | 15 poemas para una pandemia Poems by Rubén Rangel Cover art, “La huelguista,” by Pedro Rodríguez (Saddle-stapled chapbook: 28 pages; August 2022) EDITOR’S NOTE: Chicano poet and radical community & working class organizer, Rubén Rangel, delivers compact and crystalline poems written in […]

arnoldo garcía: No longer Oakland

Three poems by Arnoldo García No longer Oakland The smell of Oakland, Trash-strewn wind The rotting smell of hamburgers mixing into the tail-pipes of carbon-monoxide a street-curb sewage sludge of leaves, discarded clothes and legs of chairs tilting the natural world over us I walk to work Alongside the streetwalkers The only ones who smile […]

Paradise under construction | A note on “Building Socialism” RPB poetry anthology

All poets, good or bad, with or without anti-capitalist politics, weak or strong anti-racist and anti-war practices, believe in and want paradise on earth. Paradise has different names according to the language your heart speaks. Paradise is where the beloved and I pour our souls into each other. Paradise is where I harmonize with the […]

Poetic justice: A world of human rights

We want human rights because… No human being is illegal,  No human being is a minority, No human being is undocumented Everyone has a story to tell, a history to be made, a dream to fulfill, a life to live to the fullest, to the deepest end of time Everyone has the right to grow […]

Justicia poética: Un mundo de derechos humanos

Queremos derechos humanos porque… Ningún ser humano es ilegal Ningún ser humano es una minoría Ningún ser humano es indocumentado. Todos tenemos algo que decir, una historia para hacer, un sueño para realizar, una vida para vivir plenamente, hasta la profundidad del tiempo Todos/todas tenemos el derecho a envejecer, vivir en ternura, amara abiertamente, trabajar […]

Original World

Our animalsdance with usdance to the invaders musicpara burlarse de sus notas y ritmos[to make fun of their notes and rhythms]We hear their musicand our hearts and mouths destroy their harmonieswith the windwith the waterwith the soil and her dusty laughterYou may never understandour pitcheshow we squeal the songsstrike our bones to start the fireshow […]

Don’t Forget to Remember

Chants against forgetting during the pandemic Don’t forget the farmworkersDon’t forget the day laborersDon’t forget the janitors and maintenance workersDon’t forget the undocumented and documented workers everywhere Don’t forget the truck drivers, the delivery workers, the postal service workersDon’t forget the workers in the food processing plants, the slaughterhouses, the meat packers, the poultry plant and […]

The four roots

Everywhere you goYour colorsYour bordersYour woundsYour warsYour liberationsYour ecstasies and your criesFollow you.NorthSouthEastWestNorth is always the direction of self-determination, liberation, north star, morning star, ehecatl, the direction that guides the world to the new daySouth, everyone, every human, every river, cloud, ocean, rivulets, lakes and rain comes from the south, the place where everyone was […]


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