The art of the commune: La comuna

Trance Poetica cover artYou are invited to contribute, participate, and publish your writings and art here:

Welcome to the Art of the Commune: La comuna, our blog for poets, writers, organizers, activists and other cultural workers and community builders to share their dreams, uplift their concerns, make active words and work to change the world with deep community and words.

Art of the Commune was a sub-title of a journal published by the Russian Futurist poet, Vladimir Mayakovsky, where language, art, culture, poetry, writing — old and young — collided with the working class revolution.

Here at Art of the Commune: La comuna our collision is with the revolution to be human.

Although we are workers, non-profiteers, white collar, blue collar, migrant farm workers, immigrant women, we resist and insist that we are not the occupational hazards of the capitalist, neoliberal, economy. We are not migrant workers, we are purépechas. We are not secretaries, we are women of all colors. We are not blue collar workers, we are humans, Asian-, African-, and European-descendants who have lost their indigenity, their nationality,  who have lost their place in the natural world.

The Revolution is to be Human

We have lived more since then, learned more, raised our roots, transforming them into sails to capture the trade winds and travel with them as just wind.

The social systems that uplifted Mayakovsky and his Art of the Commune have all but disappeared. The working class revolution fueled the capitalist revolutions, leading to convergenc e and global hostile take over.

What has not changed is the cause, the deep cause of humanity, human community and the challenge to create communities, cultures and relationships to heal ourselves and the natural world to sustain the land and her peoples.

Please join Art of the Commune: La comuna!

Read, write, photograph, art, draw, video-tape, scribble electronically for us, for yourself, for your communities, for our natural world.

You are the art of the commune.


Arno!do García

C/S: con saphos

Pintura by arnoldo garcia

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