arnoldo garcía | Rebellions |




it’s right to rebel. — mao

my eyes are rebelling
they’re tired of seeing for me
they want to see for themselves
they want to see the sun, become the sun unblinding explosions
my eyes say let your brain see in the night without us
you’ll appreciate your knees more as a penitent for light.
My ears are joining the rebellion, too.
they’re tired of hearing the blues
they’re tired of hearing your scratchy voice beat on my drums
they’re tired of listening for the ecstasy of your shadow
so my ears just hiss and hiss
Singing a static song out of a B natural note
they scrape the note over and over until the their hissing drives me crazy
and all i can hear is what you said to me the other night
the hissing becomes a womb
gestating the noisiest web of musics, embraces, cries…
my eyes will impose their dictatorship of darkness
my ears their military junta of airlessness
my soul retreats to organize a guerrilla, a little war, in the mountains of my heart and lungs…


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