arnoldogarcía | WINTERINGS



In winter,
my dreams dream themselves,
the stories play on our beds
And life is life again
making love
to procreate spring…
Every season has her
nights and days
moons and disasters
Every season depends on winter
to rest,
to recover our voices,
To renew the roots
of the spring that cannot be stopped:
The Palestine spring of humanity
The revolution to become a human spring
The spring of no borders, no wars, no prisons, no proletariat, no homeless or homelandlessness
The spring of indigenous rivers and flesh offerings
The spring of Coatlicues and Quetzalcoatls
The spring of migrant laughter and verdant palettes
The spring of clean water clean soil clean air
and liberation winds for our ancestors and their children
The spring of sun insurrections
The tender guerrillas, the pregnant rainbow warriors, of spring
whose bodies stand against the shadows of the generals and their
banks and bankers,
and whoever stands under their darkness…
Our winter is
quilts and embraces,
slow words
the DNA of dreamings…

[All photographs on Art of the Commune, unless otherwise noted, by arnoldo garcía; (C) ]

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