El talache del tololoche | For an upright bass (excerpts)

Liberation brings all the music together
An army of tenderness
For a little war of solos that free the horizons
The blues help the corridos
tell the story
from all angles of
the eyes
the lungs
the belly button
the besos
the night
the hands holding the hands that hold the guitars
the womb that does whatever she wants to do
Blues becomes the color of her dying soul
Making corridos drunk on my skin
Liberation becomes a merging of your power with mine
to sing
what we want
to love
alone (yet never alone)
Liberation becomes an open-ended invitation
to commingle in the muddy waters of our struggles
I swing the talalache into the soil
to break open her moist heart
to plant my hands the seeds of music
the tololoche shudders, vibrates, sends shock waves
organizing the piano
assembling the musics
to orchestrate fresh words off our lips
[Liberation is a endless double-diminished scale
flowering from the bones of John Coltrane]
Liberation asks:
are your ancestors dust
or are they electricity?
are you lightning
or are you wireless?
are you many
or are you one?
Liberation calls us to merge our powers…

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