Aideed Medina: Composing words for California mountains & hills

Dry grasses make for great kindling, and the softest movement in the wind.
Driving through Pacheco Pass,  I see
the ghosts of all of us,
First south, then north,  then home.
The eyes,
see the goodness of the land.
The heart,
feels it belongs,
to boulders,  riverbeds and valleys.
We move. The land moves.
The earth lifts us up,
on the back of molten waves, but we think we stand still
on permanence.
I reach for sky, on the back of moving earth.
Oak trees blur by.
I have never eaten anything made of acorn flour, but I point out the oak trees and tell my children there is food on the branches.

Trees move through soil and rock. Acorns move, in baskets,  in water,
in wind,
and by the forces of gravity.

que somos tierra,  seguimos en constante movimiento.

Driving through Pacheco Pass


AideedMedina PhotoAideed Medina, poet and spoken word artist, creates and performs poetry in English, or Spanish, as dictated by the inspiration of each individual piece.

She enjoys mentoring high school students under the direction of the Fresno Poet Laureate, Bryan Medina, with the Poetry Out Loud Program, and for youth slam competitions throughout the central valley.

She was honored to be the 2017 Representative for the Loud Mouth Poetry Slam of Visalia, CA at the Women of the World Poetry Slam DTX, and recently received the 2017 Fresno Arts Council Horizon Award for her contributions to the city’s artistic and cultural scene in the category of individual artist.

She is currently working on her first two manuscripts, “A California Dime” and “Mis Papelitos”.

Her work has appeared in Fresno State Club Austral Literary Magazine, Chicano Writers and Artists Association Journal, La Bloga, Poets Responding, and as part of a collection of original art songs composed for The Opera Remix, Fresno Grand Opera.

* * * * *


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