Yo soy Diego | I am Diego


Todas las mujeres
quieren ser Frida.
Se pintan las cejotas,
se aparentan de tehuanas,
se ponen bellas flores en el cabello atrenzado,
con hermosa blusa y falda tejidas
y boom!
Frida renace.
Pero no conozco
a un solo hombre
que quiere ser Diego,
que se vista de muralista,
arrogante porque es un cerebrote.
Y si no es barrigón,
se pusiera una almohada
bajo la camisole y el pantalon,
un santo clos pintor.
Pero naranjas.

Bueno, si Frida amó
a ese panzón de rana,
todo es posible
en el arte y el amor,
que son la misma cosa.

Viva Frida! y tambien Diego.

Son inseparables.


All the women
want to be Frida.
They paint on wing-like brows,
they try to look like Tehuana women,
they put beautiful flowers into their braided hair,
wearing a beautiful hand-sewn blouse and skirt and boom!
Frida is reborn.
But I don’t know
a single man
that wants to be Diego,
that dresses up as a muralist,
arrogant because he has a big brain.
And if he is not a fatso with a big belly,
he could place a pillow
underneath his t-shir and pants,
a Santa Clause painter.
But nope.

Well, Frida did love him
that fatso frog,
everything is possible
in art and love,
which are the same thing.

¡Viva Frida! and Diego, too.

They’re inseparable.


Poets against War & Racism, chapbook from Xingao Culture & Arts Work

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