What are books?

What are books?

They are shelters to think, imagine and be conscious through the mind, experiences and thoughts of the writer.
Books allow the reader to occupy and live in other worlds, times, depths:

To experience relationships and actions that are physically impossible to have.

Books prepare and readies us to make changes to create new and unprecedented relationships and actions.

They are the gateway to the cosmos of humanity…

* * *

Poets against War & Racism, chapbook from Xingao Culture & Arts Work

New chapbook “Poets against War & Racism | Poetas contra la guerra y el racismo” (22 pages; July 2017) is available. Featuring five poets, original poems in English and Spanish: Elana Chávez Arnoldo García Rafael J. González María de la Rosa uPhakamile uMaDhlamini Poetas against War & Racism is also building a cultural movement with a new language & practice for justice and deep community. Read and join us. Join us and write your dreams for a human revolution in values.


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