1492 return to the source (to make things right for humanity)



I used to know how to fly

I became terrestrial ever since Teotihuacán became mortal…

I am emerging out of Teotihuacan,

the place of goddesses and gods,

that is, our original peoples


Every day is indigenous people’s day.

Every year since 1492

has been filled with indigenous hope

and then more resistance.

Every day since January 1, 1994,

indigenous resistance,

indigenous men and women, indigenous communities,

once again,

reset the clock,

changed the vision of global justice,

unblocked borders,

united liberations,

walked again whole upon the land

and began building a new way of old life,

where no one is excluded,

where everyone is indispensable

to being in good relationship

to the natural world and her daughters, sons, babies, youth, elders and ancestors.


Today we have a lot to remember

and to remind ourselves

that each one of our communities and peoples,

of ourselves,

has a story to be told,

a story that does not end in this mess called

settler colonialism, neocolonialism, neoliberalism, capitalism,

fracking us and the land.


On Indigenous People’s Day,

honor and celebrate the original peoples and the only land,

the only air/wind, the only water of the only earth we have.


October 13 is give Mother Earth a Rest Day:

Unplug, use little or no electricity,

lay low,

don’t use the car, the tv, fb, the cell phone, the lights.

Don’t break mother earth silence for one day.


El 13 de Octubre es el día de descanso para la tierra madre:


usen poca o nada de electricidad,

no prendan carros, la tele, la radio, fb, el celular, la luz;

mantengan silencio por un día…


1492 return to the source

1492 won’t end till we end it.

My grandmother had vision and could see as far as the sun.

My grandfather had life

and could see the roots, the soil

and the soil and ancestors upholding his life.

We remember the generosity of our ancestors.

We let them possess our cries and our joy

with the smile of their resistance and insistence

on life made of many lives and lifes.

We remember

because they remembered to live for us and the land.

526 years and counting.

The US has less than 5% of the worlds’s humans

and is eating up the planet,

trashing the oceans,

incinerating ancestors to fuel its engines,

grinding down relatives, mining bodies and souls

to make TVs cellphones drugs homes and cars for their pleasures.

Whoever doesn’t remember 1492 will be forgotten,

eating the shit of predators

and condemning our children to the finite servitude of shelf-life.

1492 is the expiration date of capitalism.

1492 is the birthdate of the new humanity

that will dismantle this Eurocentric mess.

1492 is the memory of old ways

adapting to the fault-lines

of the abused ancestors and her descendants and ascendants.

For some of us the old ways are just a generation away

For some of us the old ways are grandmother

For some of us the old ways are just having a home, a place, love,

that calls us theirs ours our own.

1492 won’t go away till we find another way

where we a belong together.

We can go back to 1492 and make things right for humanity.


[October 8 2018]

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