arnoldo garcía

Born in the wrong world

I was born in the wrong world
I was born at the wrong time

In my world you could peer into the waters
So clear that you could see
all the way to the other side
of the universe
the constellations curving around you
in a big bang hug

I was born into the wrong world
In my world you could scoop up the dirt
Taste it
Eat it
Drink the soil
On occasion
To commune with the souls of the ancestors
To remember the electricity of the big bang

I was born into the wrong world
A slave to humans who thought
they could enslave everyone and everything
And I was the soil, I was the stars,
I was unbreakable,
i was another world
that will implode this wrong world
You will return
I will return
even if it is on my back
my skin branded
my land demolished
my past scuttled (but not for long)
to the world
where our roots will be the stellar grid
where our language will be the banner of the wind
where we will dream
by gazing at the stars
for 500 years
to see again the world in place again
where we will weave our lives
with maize squash beans muddy embraces . . .

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