Day 3 2019 | My houses have been left in smoke

The air is dying
The wind has become a banner bloodied with carbon monoxide
Everyone is in awe of their beautiful sunset/sunrise photographs
Humans are flat and believe the earth is too
The sun sends messages and warnings
And we take photographs.
The electricity company did not start the fires
We did.
everyone is a little predator-consumer:
we flick the switch, we press the pedal, we internet.
Lenin thought that soviets+electricity=socialism
when it actually=dominant industrial society everywhere
eating up the natural world
Capitalists believed that investments and extractions were the electricity that lit up the world.
Capital+electricity=dominant industrial society
The true humans are covering up their faces
so that predators cannot recognize them
True humans are protecting the water, the air, the land
from the snakes that carry our extinct ancestors
to oil refineries, tankers, gas stations, airports,
anywhere to fill up.
Can we change, can I change my footprint on the moon?
Can I refill my blood with the light of the sun?
Can I sip the ancestors mixed in my water so that I walk more carefully over the soil and dust?
Can I walk upright
guided by the slant of the horizon
and the constellations that once burned in the pores of my pigment?
This is not the new year.
This is not 2019.
This is not AD or BC time.
This is 1492, the longest year of Europe, of whiteness, of massacres, of slavery, of displacements, of world war.
Can we reverse time?
So you know where to go see time flowing backwards?
Can we imitate that life-form, the world’s largest organism,
and go backwards in time, rewind humans and go back to our place in the web of the cosmos?
Community+the natural world=?
Not even Einstein could solve this equation.
Einstein created this problem and he couldn’t write it away.
I am suffering from the air I breathe
I am light-headed, dizzy, my body is spinning around the sun
My houses have been left in smoke
My lungs are no longer qualified for this air
Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, the only action right now
that means I am still human or inhuman
Breathe in, Breath out. Maybe I am Buddha.
Naw. A farmworker. I ask my grandfather; he laughs
And then takes a deep drag from his Camel cigarette
The air is not dying, cannot die, will not.
We are, we can and we will.
Flores Magón: If we are to die, let us die like stars giving off light.
My body swallows the sun.
Ingesting the power,
becoming a speck, a molecule of sunlight?
What is the equation to reproduce this feat?
The air has changed
Our lungs have not
Humans are being separated, displaced:
Land enclosures+DNA Enclosures=?

Can you levitate outside your body,
observe yourself
have an out-of-consumer-body experience
Leave the noise of malls, cannons and jetplanes
muffle the clank of gears, smokestacks and bytes
whirring, penetrating, decimating every speed of sound
There may be no ending that suits us
Except the ending that we can organize and make
Our ending will be a new rising, a new more human humanity

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