The four roots

Everywhere you go
Your colors
Your borders
Your wounds
Your wars
Your liberations
Your ecstasies and your cries
Follow you.
North is always the direction of self-determination, liberation, north star, morning star, ehecatl, the direction that guides the world to the new day
South, everyone, every human, every river, cloud, ocean, rivulets, lakes and rain comes from the south, the place where everyone was born, where we emerged from the entrails of the earth, soothed by the mama-moon, until we could find our way home
East is the place of energy, the whirling tenderness called sun, we spin towards her, forlorn lovers, the space where we are born and reborn, molting from the constellations carried by jaguars and whales
West is the darkness of dreaming, sleeping side by side, love by love, warrior-women by warrior women, healing and heeding the space where the seven directions, the thirteen colors, the unending horizons, the twenty smiles caked in mud
Everywhere you go
you will find that we are
the human liberation
the inhuman barbed-wireless prison
the white
the yellow
the red
the black
the sky-serpent
the muddy ancestors
the coyote vanguard
the hands of everyone
the skin of humanity
the gravitational bones of our ancestral ways
the roots called cloudy winds that carry us
the latitude of our laughter
the invincible circle
the dusty paths
the breath of the cosmos
the grandmother and grandfather of grandmothers and grandfathers
Everywhere you go you carry
your colors
your long lost celestial body
your endless ways to be human
A fist against the past
A cry against the present
Breathing for a future where we return to the original mixtery, the nomadic banner of the three sisters
revive the rivers, the clouds, the winds
to crush underfoot the guns and the inhumans, their prisons, their white houses, their satellites that x-ray us but see nothing, their soldiers who are not machines, their machines that are not human, their humans that are not merchandise
to become human again
to become seven spaces
to become each color
to become each other
to become the muddy clouds
to pray with our rebellions
to love with our movements
to make wars with peace
to resurrect the human insurrection
to return to the place where we belong everywhere. . .

[June 19, 2020]

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