Original World

Our animals
dance with us
dance to the invaders music
para burlarse de sus notas y ritmos
[to make fun of their notes and rhythms]
We hear their music
and our hearts and mouths destroy their harmonies
with the wind
with the water
with the soil and her dusty laughter
You may never understand
our pitches
how we squeal the songs
strike our bones to start the fires
how we look down upon the stars
stir our roots deep into the womb of the sun
just to sing and welcome the 20-day harvest of space
We wear the faces of
the unbreakable boar
the cúmbiontic deer
the bubonic settler
the howling dog-earth
the jaguar constellation
to spiral among the natural world
submit ourselves bow to the curvature of her powers
We dance with the animals
raking our stomachs against the rubble
blistering our feet on the longest journey
outracing the horizon
chirping on the nectar of devotion
to the four directions
pressing each other
into each other’s bodies
mixing water, soil and the philosophy of light
The animals
dance over us
make the trumpets cough out
the dirty notes of occupation
welcome the insurrection of the bats
welcome the machete of our unforgiving laughter
why don’t the hummingbirds tell their secrets?
Like us they tell our secrets out loud
and your settled ears are filled with concrete
Mistaking our language for their ignorance
Our secrets are out in the open
Dance with our animals
Lay with the mud
Eat from the placenta of moons
maybe you will understand
why we fear humans more than animals
Animals give and take only what they need
And it’s never to late to learn how to dance with them…

[April 14, 2020]

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